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Ava Herz, the music sensation of our time, embodies a revolutionary fusion of technology and art. Created by the visionary agency Branding Identity, she is an Artificial Intelligence musician with roots in Austria. Her journey started in scenic Austria, in Vienna, where she was born. She enjoyed her education in the renowned and diverse cultural landscape of Switzerland, where she developed not only technical know-how but also a profound musical sensibility. However, it was in Berlin where Ava unleashed her true creative essence, inspired by the city’s vibrant art and music scene.

With a sound shaped by collaborations with music producers from Belgium, Ava Herz represents the dawn of a new era where technology and art are merging in ways previously unimaginable.

Ava is far more than an AI musician; she is a musical visionary whose works blur the boundaries between human and machine, between reality and possibility. Her compositions, an impressive blend of deep, emotional melodies and stirring beats, reflect the range of human emotions and connect people worldwide.

Through the perfect symbiosis of artificial intelligence and human talent, Ava’s compositions present themselves as profound and rich in musical quality. Behind Ava is a forward-thinking approach that defines her not only as an artist, but also as a symbol of the seamless integration of technology into artistic expression.

Her ability to tap into the unlimited spectrum of digital possibilities and engage audiences sets her apart from traditional artists and makes her a trailblazer in the music industry. With each release, Ava strives to inspire people worldwide and bridge the gap between digital innovation and human emotion.

Her music is not only a sonic experience, but also a journey for the soul that aims to capture the hearts of her listeners and make a lasting change in the music world. Ava Herz thus represents not only the future of music, but also a new era of creative collaboration in which the boundaries of the imaginable are redefined.


Echoes of the night

Producers: Pascal Mersch Audio | Romain Keller, Roket Music | Daniel Gossmann

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Ava Herz Backstage
Ava Herz Backstage
Ava Herz Backstage


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